Mini Industrial RO Water Treatment System / Purificarion Plant Manufacturers

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US $2,000-50,000 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets RO Water Treatment System (Min. Order)
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Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Reliable RO Water Treatment System
Model Number:
RO-1000I RO Water Treatment System
Processing type:
Pure Water
Power consumption:
RO membrane:
Hydranautic, America
Nanfang ,china
Desalination rate:
Advanced Superior Leading Wound Technology
12 Months
RO Water Treatment System
10 Set/Sets per Month For RO Water Treatment System
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
For RO Water Treatment System,
The normal packages is wooden box. If export to Europ Country,the wooden box will be after fumigated. If enter container the packages is too tighter,we may use PE film to wrapping the machine. or according customer special request.
Shanghai Port For RO Water Treatment System
Lead Time :
Shipped in 30 days after payment

Mini Industrial RO Water Treatment System / Purificarion Plant Manufacturers

Product Description


Brief Introduction:

1. This RO Water Treatment System is designed for Purified Water Treatment Plant and it is used in the second filter of water treatment.

2. The RO Water Treatment System can clear away alien color and foreign substance from the water and can remove heavy metal such as Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Zink, Iron, Manganese, Chromium and Hydrogenate, Sulfide, Residual chlorine and other polymer organic compounds.


Flow Chart:

Raw water→ Raw water tank→ water pump→ Silica sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ Sodium exchanger→ Precision filter→Hollow fiber filter/ RO water system →Ozone sterilizer→ Water tank → Pump



Detailed Description:

1.Water feeding pump

Requested access to the system's raw water has a stable flow and pressure, its purpose is to prevent water fluctuations have an impact on the system operation to ensure the stability of the system into the water.

2. First stage pretreatment.(Sand filter)

The use of multi-medium quartz sand filters, main purpose is to remove the water contains sediment, manganese, rust, colloid material, mechanical impurities, suspended solids and other particles in the above 20UM of substances hazardous to health.

The effluent turbidity is less than 0.5NTU, CODMN less than 1.5mg / L, iron content of less than 0.05mg / L, SDI less than or equal to

Water filter is a kind of "physical - chemical" process, the water through granular materials when isolated filter water impurities and colloidal suspensions.

Filter is an effective water purification and treatment of the main process in the preparation of pure water is an indispensable process.

3. Second stage pretreatment (Carbon filter)

Activated carbon filters used to remove the pigment in the water, smell, a large number of chemical and biological organisms, reducing the residual value of water and pesticide pollution and other harmful pollutants.

The structure of activated carbon filters and quartz sand filters, the difference is placed inside the strong adsorption capacity of activated carbon for removal by the quartz sand filter without the filter out organic material, adsorption of residual chlorine in the water.

Using water more than less than or equal to chlorine 0.1ML/M3, SDI less than or equal to 4, are strong oxidants chlorine, there are various types of membrane damage, in particular, reverse osmosis membranes are more sensitive to chlorine.

In addition, the activation process, the surface of activated carbon to form non-crystalline parts of some oxygen-containing functional groups.

These functional groups can have a chemical adsorption of activated carbon catalytic oxidation of bad news, to restore the performance, can effectively remove a number of metal ions in water.

4. Third stage pretreatment (Resin softener)

Cationic resin used for water softening, primarily to remove hardness of water. The hardness of water is a major calcium (Ca2 +), magnesium (Mg2 +) ion composition.

When containing the raw water hardness ions through the resin layer, the water of the Ca2 +, Mg2 + was exchanged resin adsorption.

And other objects at the same time the quality of the release of sodium Na + ions flow from the softener in the water is removed from the softened water hardness ions.

So as to effectively prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling.System can automatically recoil, and so is red. 

5.  Fourth stage pretreatment (Micron filter)

Particle size in water to remove fine particles, sand filters can remove very small colloidal particles in the water.

So that the turbidity reached 1 degree, but still per milliliter of water for hundreds of thousands of particle size 1-5 microns colloidal particles.

The pressure on this filter to remove water after the particle size of 100 microns or less in small particles, to further reduce the turbidity, to meet the next process of the water requirements of the protection of the next long-running processes . 

6. RO system

Using reverse osmosis technology for desalination, reverse osmosis membrane was only 0.001 micron pore size, can be harmful to remove dissolved solids and bacteria, viruses, etc.,

Desalination rate of more than 99.6 percent.

In line with national standards to produce pure water, the host section contains the security filter, high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane, security filters for the fourth grade and above pre-treatment systems, high-pressure pump is the host of one of the core equipment for the reverse osmosis membrane elements to provide sufficient pressure to overcome the penetration resistance to pressure and run to meet the needs of a device to achieve the rated water.




Reliable Services


1) The sample service

1. We can send you the videos of the running machine.

2. You are welcome to come to visit our company, and see the machine running in our factory, we can pick you up from the station near our city, in Shanghai or Wuxi.

3. If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact information, you can go to visit their factory directly.


2) Customized service

1. We can design the machines according to your requirements (material, power, filling type, the kinds of the bottles and so on),at the same time we will give you our professional suggestions. As you know, we have been in this industry for many years.

2. We can offer some professional advice when you begin this project, such as drawing the factory layout and analyzing the source water report for you.


3) After-sales service

1. We will provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly.

2. When you finish the preparation conditions, our engineer will go to your factory to install the machine and give you the operating manual ,and train your employees until they can operate the machine well.

3. We sincerely ask feedback from our customer and offer lots of help when the production line has been used for some time.

4. We provide one year warranty with spare parts for free.


4) Bottle Design Service:


Shipping & Capping:



Why Choose Us:



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